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As an active, passionate and enthusiastic role-player, I enjoy creating home brew stuff.

I am most familiar with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, so most of my home brew stuff will be centred around that. All links below are to my google drive from which you can download the documents. All document are in PDF format, some have been formated according to the guidelines of the DMsGuild. I was planning to put them there, but for now i will keep them here as free resources.

Feel free to use anything you like here, either as is or adapt it to fit into any other RPG systems. All I ask is that you give me credit where due. Besides that, enjoy!

Sky Bison

DnD 5e Creature

I have, and will always love Appa, from Avatar the last air bender. this document will give you all you need to add this amazing creature into your world.

Totem Pole

DnD 5e Active Item

Want to add a bit of heritage to a scene? Want to make a long rest in a forest a little bit more interesting? Need a focal point to focus your party on? and most importantly do you want something that can just as easily hurt your players as bless them?

Than the Totem pole is the item for you!

Monocle Salesmen

DnD 5e NPC

If you are looking for a new way to get magical items to your players, or to tempt the more savy and technical minded tinkerers a offer they cant refuse, then check out the Monocle salesmen.

Shield Maiden

DnD 5e Fighter Archetype

As a female fighter, you can decide to follow the teachings of the shield maidens. Choosing to learn the techniques of fighting with a shield over heavy weapons.

Creeping Death and Gardeners

DnD 5e Plant, NPC and/or Villain

Not all monsters, villains and bad things are created on purpose by evil minds or through accident by a good willed mind. Sometimes it is bred, over years, out of unknown circumstances. Such is the case for the plant called Creeping Death.

More to be added soon!

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