Members of the Collective

I am proud to introduce the current members of the Emmanuel’s collective! These are people that are part of the group, although this is not their primary or only platform they sell at necessarily.


Wirral based content creator

Hi, I am the creator of Emmanuel’s Collective. Being an enthusiastic RPG, Board and War gamer I started sewing dice bags as a hobby, and progressed to move them to Etsy when I had made a few dozen.

From the get-go I had the idea of creating a collective of artist all selling together under one banner. So that each can support other artist and to grow a community of collaboration.

In the end the aim is that this will create a unique and amazing one-stop shop for everyone to buy amazing products from.

Nelly McRico

Wigan based artist

Hi! I’m Helen but you can call me Nelly! I’m a part time artist based in wigan, I’m passionate about being creative, so I set up shop to fund future projects.
If you would like to see my other work then I’m on Instagram, just look for @NellyMcRicoArt, I’m hoping to get some prints of other work up for sale so watch this space

Lois Jane

Liverpool based artist


We actively looking or in the process of adding products created or designed by other artist to the Collective. Watch this space!

Want to work with us?

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