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First convention: done and dusted

So, here we are, the day after the day before. When Emmanuel’s Collective went to their first convention! In a lovely little place called Milton Keynes the their is a local RPG club that host a gaming day twice a year, called Concrete Cow. These guys where amazing to spend the day with a incredible kind to allow me to join them So the … Read More First convention: done and dusted

Apologies, plans and to-do-list

Sooooooo, the whole by-weekly updates on the shops progress and what I am up to never really came to be. So why the silence, what has been going on? The answer is a number of different things: moving house, getting made redundant and job hunting. Getting made redundant was a bitter-sweet kinda thing because although I enjoyed my job, but the hours where long … Read More Apologies, plans and to-do-list

Learning things, making things!

Hi all, Already two weeks since my last blog post! Time goes by way to fast when you don’t want it to. But here we are, managed to pin my bum to the sofa this fine, grey, wet english morning to write a post I have been narrating in my head for the past few days. First, i want to do a little shout … Read More Learning things, making things!

The shop: progress so far.

It has now been nearly a near since I decided to give sewing a go and thought that starting a Etsy shop would be a great idea. I am the first to admit that I have a tendency to jump in head first and get carried away, but I really tried to take my time with this project and do it properly. So, what … Read More The shop: progress so far.