What is Emmanuel’s Collective?

Hello! My name is Emmanuel, the creator and owner of Emmanuel’s Collective. I have a passion for Role-playing games and pour a lot of my time and creativity into creating amazing products related to the RPG industry. The ‘Collective’ part of our little nook in this industry can actually be divided into two aspirations of mine:

Collective range:

I aim to build a large range of products encompassing all sorts of weird and wonderful products, to make Emmanuel’s Collective your one-stop shop.

Artistic collective

I do not want this to just be me and my shop. My vision is to work together with a whole bunch of other creatives and artist under one banner. I aim to build this through collaborative work on products and to open up the shop as a platform for other artist to share and sell their work. After all, we are stronger together!

What can you do?

Have any suggestions of new products we could make, or variations of products we have that you would like to see, please let us know!

Know any great local conventions we could join and sell at, please let us know! Are you an artist, or know an artist, that would like to join us and sell products underneath our banner, contact us!

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