First convention: done and dusted

So, here we are, the day after the day before. When Emmanuel’s Collective went to their first convention! In a lovely little place called Milton Keynes the their is a local RPG club that host a gaming day twice a year, called Concrete Cow. These guys where amazing to spend the day with a incredible kind to allow me to join them

So the day was split into three 4 hour session for people to sign upto, giving some time in between each session for food/drink and, yup you guesses it, checking out the wares for sale! besides myself the great people form Leisure Games where their to with a large assortment of RPG books and games.

I myself took my dice bags, dice trays, and a whole assortment of dice for the good people of Milton Keynes to buy. I was very honoured in the response of people to my dice bags and trays, the fact that people liked it (never mind whether they bought some) was awesome! This was my first real visible moment as Emmanuel’s Collective. And has given me a lot of confidence.

Having had this experience, I am hoping to go back to Concrete Cow again next year. And am gone have a look at what other conventions Emmanuel’s Collective could attend next. So until then, watch this space!

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