Apologies, plans and to-do-list

Sooooooo, the whole by-weekly updates on the shops progress and what I am up to never really came to be.

So why the silence, what has been going on?

The answer is a number of different things: moving house, getting made redundant and job hunting. Getting made redundant was a bitter-sweet kinda thing because although I enjoyed my job, but the hours where long and unpredictable. Leaving me not much time and energy to focus on my shop and creative projects. My new job has standard hours and now weekend work leaving me plenty of time to get back stuck into Emmanuel’s Collective!

The new house I have just moved into is bigger and has given me space to put together a proper little workshop! In theory meaning I will be more productive 😉

What is the plan now?

The plan in itself is simple, focus on one product at a time to make sure I don’t end up with multiple half planned/design projects and an empty shop!

What does the to-do-list for the rest of 2019 look like?

  1. Of course we start with more dice bags! I have tons of fabric all cut to size ready to go.
  2. Dice trays! I have created a small, easily stored and carried dice tray. And have roped some friends into product testing them for me! feedback has been good and I am now ready to make more and put them up on Etsy.
  3. D20 bath bombs!! This is an idea i have been playing with for a while and am pretty excited about. basically a bath bomb in the shape of a D20 dice. With an actual D20 in the centre! I have got the moulds made and will start playing around with scents soon to create some samples. If anyone has any favourite scents and smells they like, let me know in the comments below!
  4. DMs guild upload. So I have been trying my hand at writing some home-brew content for DnD. I am currently working on a document exploring some NPC and villain pirate characters, as well a a pirate background and rogue archetype options.
  5. Final thing on my to-do list is to be a vendor at a convention. I have my eye on Concrete Cow in Milton Keyes (UK). With a bit of luck I can get myself a place there and have dice bags, dice trays and D20 bath bombs to sell.

And that’s it! All caught up!

Thanks for bearing with my blabbering, feel free to leave anything you want say in the comments 🙂


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