Learning things, making things!

Hi all,

Already two weeks since my last blog post! Time goes by way to fast when you don’t want it to. But here we are, managed to pin my bum to the sofa this fine, grey, wet english morning to write a post I have been narrating in my head for the past few days.

First, i want to do a little shout out, because I need your help. Me and my shop would really benefit from attending a convention, as a trader. What are your favourite, smaller (we are all on a budget after all) gaming conventions in the UK? Let me know where you go and why and i will try and hit them over the coming year!

With that out of the way, let’s get back to this weeks blog!

As I have been thinking about what I should add to the shop, as well as my aim for this to be my creative outlet, my mind turned to stickers and pin badges. I have always enjoyed using photoshop and have a range of pin badges attached to my ‘everyday working bag’. So I though, why not make my own!

This then let me to think what a successful RPG/gaming related sticker should contain. It didn’t take long to to hit the magic three: Dice, Potions, Class related items.

I set out to try my hand at dice first and installed Inkscape (free version of illustrator style software), to play around with dice designs. Which went okay but didn’t have the ‘Wow’ factor i was looking for. So, i turned back to photoshop and youtube. Which brings me to ‘Learning things’. After a bit of browsing I came across Jaysen Batchelor (check him out!) and his Lava potion tutorial. Now that has the ‘wow’ factor I was looking for!

So that is where we are folks, ‘making things’. I am busy drawing and designing some art to turn first into stickers, and if successful, into pin badges.

Thanks for listing to my ramblings. May this week be full of Nat 20 moments for you!


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